When you are traveling: the free app Just Arrived automatically sends a text message to your family informing them that you have reached your destination!

Easy to use, enter your destination (by entering the address or by tapping on a Google map), the people you want receiving the text message, and go!

Download Just Arrived free from the play store so your loved ones will longer worry when you hit the road!

Who has not heard these words from a mother, father or spouse?
But sometimes we forget to communicate our arrival for many reasons (the excitement of discovering a new place, meeting friends, or because we are just tired).
This can cause some concern.

The JUST ARRIVED app automatically communicates your arrival at destination by sending a text message to one or more contacts.
Thus, no more risk of forgetting. A simple app that is easy to start:

1. Select the destination on a map (tap the map with your finger) by entering an address or by selecting the address from an address book.
2. Set the detection radius.
3. Select the people who will receive the arrival notification.
4. All you have left to do is validate and then you can leave!

A text message will be automatically sent as soon as the traveler enters the detection area.
About Just Arrived
Just Arrived (www.app-just-arrived.com) is an app developed by Merci-Facteur, a messaging service which allows you to send postcards to your friends from your smartphone.

Confidentiality and location service
All the data you set on Just Arrived (destination address and text message addressee contacts) will be stored directly on your phone. None of this data is transmitted or recorded by Just Arrived to ensure confidentiality.

The Just Arrived free app
The use of the Just Arrived app is completely free and unlimited over time. Text messages are sent to your selected recipients using your phone at the usual rates set by your phone service provider (sending text messages by Just Arrived is done the same way as when you send your own SMS).

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